Effort has always been one of the key values that have played a major role in CARTOELX’s trajectory. During 30 years we have strived to offer our customers the best possible answer to their needs. This is why we respect the effort of others and, in this particular case, we reward it.

Let me tell you about some young people that also strive to be the best.

The Ilicitan Basketball Club was born on 1979 to gather the players from the then recently dissolved basketball team from the Elche C. F. More than 30 years later, titles and recognition have forged the reputation of a club that, undoubtedly, awaits great challenges in its future. You can read more about its thrilling story at http://cbilicitano.es/el-club/historia/ .

It is true that effort and perseverance are essential factors that affect the positive outcome of any project (be it winning the League or supplying the best product), but we all need support from our friends and partners.

This is why CARTOELX is proud to be part of the supporters that help the Ilicitan Basketball Club to reach excellence.

I introduce the Senior Masculino B 1º Zonal.




And the Infantil Masculino N2.




It is an honour to help these two great teams.