Cartoelx has been providing bespoke packaging solutions for 30 years, becoming a local reference regarding innovation, projection and work, exporting to countries such as Germany, Portugal, France, Italy or Tunisia and becoming a sustainable energy company.


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Thirty years of experience have turned Cartoelx into a company specialising in the manufacturing of bespoke packaging such as shelf and retail ready packaging, luxury packaging and several other cardboard-based packaging solutions.


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Persistence, hard work and constant innovation have allowed us to become a reference, specializing in meeting the needs required by different display and packaging scenarios.




Future Projection


Cartoelx is an expanding company with enormous projection that operates with clients located in European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Holland and Switzerland among others, as well as Mediterranean Countries such as Tunisia where it delivers works in micro, minimicro, channel 3, double channel and a wide range of printing techniques.


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Environmental Commitment


At Cartoelx we are deeply committed with the environment and we believe that offering the best service to our customers should not be incompatible with respecting our natural surroundings. In order to contribute to the ecological wellbeing of our planet, we strive daily to reduce our carbon footprint and we have established a serious and lasting commitment by investing in the use of renewable energy. This is why, since 2007, Cartoelx takes pride in belonging to the select group of companies that are certified by Energya VM as a company that is 100% supplied with renewable energy.




Recycled Materials


At Cartoelx we want to integrate our philosophy of environmental respect to our whole chain of value. Therefore, we use recycled materials that enable us to reduce our carbon footprint and reinforce our sustainability commitment.

Additionally, our materials come from sustainable plantations established on wastelands that allow to preserve forests, using fast growing species for better efficiency.






Our manufacturing process strictly follows the quality standard established by the professional associations of our sector. Our focus on the use of cutting edge technology makes us efficient and productive when meeting our clients’ needs, offering products of the highest quality.