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Around 42% of the footwear produced in Spain is manufactured in Elche and it is one of the main producers in Europe.

The export of footwear from Elche contributes notably to the fact that the province of Alicante presents one of the best export balances in the country.

As a packaging company from Elche, we have extensive experience in the sector and we offer you the best solutions for your product.

The footwear sector, for the most part, requires a comfortable and effective packaging. We have various containers for all types of shoes (sports, orthopedic, moccasins, women’s boots…).

At Cartoelx we have been creating packaging for more than 38 years, which is why we have a wide catalog of standard measurements in this sector. If you cannot find the size that your product needs, we will manufacture it for you.

In addition, you may also need some extras for your box, for example, if you are going to stack your product in warehouses, your box may need a metal groove or groove on the side to be able to pick up the box more easily.

Or maybe your product is very special (wedding shoes, boyfriend, girlfriend…) and you like the idea that the packaging is also especially elegant, in that case we can talk about really brilliant finishes, such as stamping (with various colors available) UVI reserves, laminated..

In any case, our team of specialists will help you until you get the container that best suits your product.