Normative ISO 9001:2015


On August 16, 2023 we obtained the Certification in the ISO9001:2015 Standard by the BUREAU VERITAS certifier

The implementation of the ISO Standard establishes systematization and order through the definition of procedures and indicators incorporating continuous improvement through audits and improvement plans. It has a great impact on the culture and way of doing things in the entity, both in the support processes themselves and in the services, systematizing and carrying out standardization of these processes, which has a positive effect on the identification and correction of difficulties. found.

The application of the Standard is very necessary because it provides a better definition, control and follow-up of what happens, it allows the analysis of the causes and from these, formulate proposals for improvement.

This certification means the recognition of the implementation of a management system, requiring its renewal on an annual basis, which implies a constant involvement of all the teams concerned.

Quality politics

Quality politics

Quality politics

We have a specific department in charge of guaranteeing quality processes within our company. Our objective is to establish the main guidelines of the company in order to:

– Ensure continuous improvement of the service provided.

– Provide a frame of reference to establish and review quality objectives.

– That our interested parties perceive and appreciate our continuous improvement.

– Achieve a high degree of loyalty of our interested parties.

To this end, and always taking the Quality Management System as a reference, the following guidelines are established:

– The Management assumes the commitment to comply with the Quality Policy

– The personnel must comply with the provisions of the manuals and procedures.

– Continuous contact with the interested parties, to know their needs and be able to adapt to them.

– Increase the degree of training of our staff.

– The organization uses the process risk assessment methodology to prevent possible deviations or non-conformities of the quality management system.

We work every day to ensure that our production process evolves for the better every day.

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    Ensure a continuous improvement of the service provided, always satisfying both the requested and the regulatory requirements.


    Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. Ensuring that the processes are correct.


    So that all our interested parties perceive and appreciate our continuous improvement.


    Achieve a high degree of loyalty of our interested parties. Guaranteeing quality in their work.

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