Our History

CARTOELX has more than 38 years of experience in the world of cardboard packaging. Giving solutions to a multitude of clients who want to promote the commercialization of their products and services. Being a benchmark company in the sector specialized in packaging.

Highlighting the constant innovation and improvement of the entire human team for giving excellence in each project. “Your project is the most important thing.”

You have at your disposal an expanding company with great projection that operates with a multitude of clients and important firms in Europe.


Commercial Advice

At Cartoelx we care about your brand as much as you do, which is why we carry out all the processes with care and delicacy, always looking for the packaging that best suits your product.

To begin with, we will design the die to measure if necessary and we will manufacture a model to adjust the details and measurements that are necessary.

We have a large commercial department, where you will receive all the necessary advice; models, colors, finishes, prices…

In addition, for your comfort, you can be attended in French or Spanish.

For Cartoelx the most important thing is that the packaging of your product is as you have always wanted. Do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of our professionals to verify it.

Design and Prepress

Once we have the model, we proceed to create or adapt the packaging design, for this we have a specific department in Graphic Design and Prepress that will make your product stand out from the rest and perfectly identify the image of your brand.

In our R+D+I department we are continuously researching and improving our products so that they meet the objective for which they were created.

El proyecto “Mejora de la línea de Impresión Offset de Elche Cartón SL al internalizar la grabación de planchas de los diseños” ha sido cofinanciado por “Conselleria de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo” de la Generalitat Valenciana. El importe concedido es el 35% del presupuesto financiable que asciende a 30.600,00 €.

Offset Printing

The offset printing mode is an indirect printing system. This means that the image is not printed directly on the support used, but rather through rubber rollers.

At Cartoelx we have professionals backed by years of experience in the sector. We have the machines always ready to print with precision and maximum performance on sheets of up to 720x1020mm. and up to 6 colors in a single entry into the machine.

We always work under the values ​​established in the ISO 12647-2 standard, with the appropriate calibrations regarding the color flow, we have all the necessary tools for measurement and guaranteeing color stability in large and small print runs.

We work for all types of sectors, some require more special materials, inks or finishes. We have what you may need.

Flexo Printing

Flexography is a direct printing system (the plate directly transfers the ink to the support) and mainly rotary (with rollers and material in coils of different sizes) in which flexible plates with high reliefs and a structure formed mainly by rollers are used.

This technique is a fast and cheap way to print simple designs.

In our section, we work with special inks so that the finish of the product is correct and we have two flexographic machines, one rotary and one individual for carrying out different types of work.

Special Finishes and Laminated

Each product needs a type of packaging, and each container requires a type of finish, some require a varnish to reinforce their durability, while others need more special finishes.

When the container requires a special thickness, we add a corrugated paper to the back of the printed sheet to give strength and consistency to the future packaging. In this way we avoid using high grammages and reduce the weight of the container.

On the other hand, we have a wide range of finishes to make your packaging stand out from the rest. For example Stampings (available in various colors), Laminated (gloss, matte, silk effect…), Reliefs (dry print, nailed)..

Do not forget that our team of professionals will advise and guide you from start to finish.


Once the printing and the selected finishes are finished, we proceed to die-cutting.

It is a technique through which a final shape is given to our design, giving it three-dimensionality by marking the creases that will serve as a guide for folding the container. All the containers that we manufacture, regardless of the sector, have a mock-up beforehand to guarantee that the box fulfills the correct function, be it a chest that will contain bottles inside, or a product dispenser.

In our die-cutting section we find professionals with years of experience in the company.

Fold and Glue

We have specific machinery for cases and boxes with special glues. Each box is previously studied to ensure that the glue is suitable for its future content.

The type of gluing depends on the characteristics of each box and the content that it is going to carry. We can talk about different types, such as the automatic bottom, in which we paste the necessary strategic points so that, once served, it is easy to assemble. .

We configure our machines for each job, adjusting them to the needs they require, from the gluing points, type of gluing, special folding…

By serving it flat, we reduce costs and storage space. Once the client receives it, they can be assembled very easily as needed, in this way, it does not require a large space for storage.

Another type of gluing and folding would be for the footwear sector. In this section we also have the specific machinery to carry out the work automatically.

In this case, the assembled boxes have to be served since, in general, their self-assembly is not possible.

When served assembled, they require a lot of storage space. That is why we have extensive facilities where we make it easy for customers to store their boxes and serve them when they need them.

Handled and Packaged

Once we have printed and stamped the product, it is time to prepare it to be delivered to the customer.

At this point, we review again that all the elements of the design, shape, colors… are correct to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

All containers that can be served flat are packaged to ensure their protection and subsequent distribution.

The containers that have to be served assembled are stacked and packed for later shipment.


Once we have the product packaged in boxes or piles, it is time to stow it on pallets.

At the bottom you will see an infographic of our working method where you will see that we have everything thought out and studied so that your product arrives in the best conditions, especially when it has to go by transport agency.

Delivery Service

Once all the previous process is finished, it is time to deliver the merchandise.

You can send to your trusted transport agency or if you prefer, we take care of everything.

We also have extensive facilities where you can store your shoe boxes and serve them when you need them.

Our commercial team will be in charge of adjusting to your needs and the requested deadlines.