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The concern of two entrepreneurs like Antonio and Rufino made them one day think about doing something different to help companies that needed to present their products to the world in a different way.

Cartoelx. fabrica

The journey began in 1984 where its objective was to give excellence to the client with the greatest closeness, attention, quality and technology that they could give in their day. Initially called Grafica Gaver C.B.

1986 – with the restlessness and the strength of the illusion of continuing to grow.  They changed their poor and small facilities to larger ones without ceasing to be humble and temporary until they could make a leap to larger ones. All for helping your friends/clients with delivery times.

1991 – a further step is taken, the range of box manufacturing is expanded and with better finishes, this important advance helped customers to have more choice of box designs and qualities.

“Thanks to our friends/clients we were able to grow” Rufino.

“We are always by the side of our friends/clients to help them with everything they need” Antonio.

These are part of Cartoelx’s values, helping friends/clients so that their businesses are successful.

1995 – The big step came to the current facilities where a significant investment in state-of-the-art technology was created, improving customer service and giving it the possibility of having factory stocks for immediate service. Always looking for how to help.

cartoelx fabrica

our trajectory

2003 – After the fall of the shoe manufacturing market in Spain, expansion to France, Italy and Germany began, obtaining interesting commercial agreements with such prestigious brands as SONY, HAVANA CLUB, MASSIMO DUTTI, PIERRE CARDIN, among others. This made a leap to different sectors such as food, cosmetics, health, electronics, toys, etc. Always maintaining the values ​​of the beginnings, with the greatest closeness, attention, quality and technology that could be given to customers.

“It costs the same to do it well as it does badly”, “We always have the clinical eye working” comments Rufino when it comes to defining what has set them apart in the course of their history.

2007 – Committed to the environment and the carbon footprint, a great environmental commitment was made by installing solar panels on the roof of the facilities, in addition to starting the R+D+I for the manufacture of different types of cardboard boxes with a low environmental impact. Taking care of even the smallest detail to improve the environment.


2012 – the American certification FSC 1990 California began to be developed. Guaranteeing customers that the cardboard used to manufacture their boxes comes from environmentally sustainable plantations.

2015 – work was done on the mandatory health certificate for the improvement and commercialization of different containers for the food sector. Giving the customer the confidence of a safe container for their food products.

2018 – the concern to develop equality for all, led to the initiation of the new “Law of equality in the company”.

2019 – the implementation of ISO 9001 began.

2020 – with the enthusiasm and concern of the first day, it is committed to opening new markets in Europe and North America. Providing a new way of developing cardboard packaging with the regulations required in both markets.

2022FSC certification with certificate code CU-COC-886732 is implemented. Guaranteeing to clients that the cardboard indicated as FSC to manufacture their boxes comes from controlled forest masses, in which a management is carried out that guarantees the conservation of forests and the improvement of the social conditions of workers.

Antonio and Rufino continue to maintain their values ​​to do everything in their power so that their friends/clients have the maximum benefit.

With more than 39 years of experience in the sector, the story continues with great expectations for the future, and above all and most importantly, adapting to the new needs of the market.

“The most important thing is to listen to the customer to find out how we can help him” Antonio.

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